Our Dear Uncle Saito

Our Dear Uncle Saito

Mr. Hiroyuki Saito, New President of Bridgestone Viet Nam, received the Golden Dragon award

Hiroyuki Saito, a 38 year- old Japanese businessman who has just ended his term in Saudi Arabia, is the third president of Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC. Mr. Saito has taken his new term in Vietnam from his predecessor since 1 March, 2014 and become the representative of Bridgestone Vietnam to receive the Golden Dragon award- an honor for “THE MOST FAVORITE MERCHANDISE 2013, which was organized in Hanoi by Vietnam Economics Times”. 

Do you wonder why his name was mentioned in an environmental project of UNESCO Vietnam- Green Talk? Why are thousands of Green Talk volunteer becoming his fan? It is not just because he is the president of such a large company like Bridgestone Vietnam. The explanation is his friendly and warmly behavior when meeting and talking with them in big events organized by Green Talk such as: Earth Day Vietnam and Nationwide Green Hour. Not just a supporter, Mr. Saito is being remembered as a special volunteer of the events above who played an important role in keeping the enthusiastic and inspiring to all of the Green Talk volunteers in the Nationwide Green Hour 4May, 2014.

Working with Green Talk project 2014 in 2 main events, Mr. Saito has impressed the volunteers about his vision of volunteer activities and the abilities of communicating with other people despite the barrier of language and culture. Most of volunteers here called him Uncle Saito- an informal way that his staff always used when working with him in their office. It seemed that there was no distance between the president of a big company and the volunteers. Once you are Green Talk volunteer, you became a member of our big family. And Mr. Saito was not an exception. He was really our uncle in Green Talk family when he chose to be the special volunteer of Nationwide Green Hour event. “Uncle” Saito is admired by many of Green Talk volunteers for many reasons. The first one is his success of being the leader of Bridgestone Vietnam at a very young age in compared with his predecessor. Besides, there are many other reasons that make young people interested in this Japanese man.

Flashback to the Earth Day Vietnam event that was taken placed in April 20th, everybody remembered  the moment when uncle Saito said hello in Vietnamese, which was really make the distance between him and volunteers become closer. Then suddenly, he made every people laugh by throwing his black formal vest right before making his speech. This made Mr. Quang Bao, who was the event’s MC, have to state that “The Earth is becoming hotter and we need to take action from now on”. We could see that Mr. Saito made the atmosphere of the event become more informal, closer and friendly.

“Uncle” Saito was making his speech in Earth Day Vietnam event 20/04/2014

Mr. Saito was waving his hands and smiling friendly to the audience and the volunteers after putting of the vest.

Keep joining hands with Green Talk, Mr. Saito also participated in Nationwide Green Hour as a special volunteer. This time, he appeared with jeans and t-shirt, which were the same with other people. More than that, he gave his hands in all of the activities in Green Hour.

Giving gifts to some poor people in Binh Duong province

Being interviewed

Joined hands in cleaning Binh Duong cemetery with Green Talk Volunteers

“Join with me?”

Planting trees

Against all odds, Uncle Saito raced against young citizen. And after the event, congratulating with enthusiasm

Never once he acted as a mere sponsor. He joined like others, played like others and acted like others. He was there as a volunteers, as a giver to all misfortune people. That was a scene we hardly see in our everyday life. Though being successful, he was simple, civilized – a true role model for all young citizens.

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