The Special Vietnamese Classes For Foreigners

The Special Vietnamese Classes For Foreigners

For our SECC, the most important thing in the special Vietnamese classes for foreigners, that is lecturers with high expertise, experience and were trained before receiving classes.

Responsible for academic: Ms. Dinh Thi Vu Trinh  – Master of Linguistics

Before placement: Lecturers will examine the qualifications of students and students will try to learn Vietnamese a few hours, then lecturers will prepare appropriate curriculum for each individual student.

Learning test: students will try to learn from 1 hours 30 minutes before course registration.

After the course: Students can take practice tests to check the level and degree of their progress

Special Vietnamese classes include:


Basic Vietnamese is extremely important course; we always have new classes for students in need. This is not only the first step but also as a platform for you to attend the following courses as well as help you build Vietnamese foundation in the future. Students will be taught basic Vietnamese that is based on the most appropriate and core curriculums, including writing and speaking.


In this program, the most important goal is the ability to master basic communication channels: telephone and fax communication, internet communication, daily communication. The program is designed to help communities of foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam, will integrate into living and working environments most quickly


Advanced Vietnamese Program focuses on Vietnamese and subtle factors that relate to culture and the origin of the Vietnamese. When participating in this program, students that had a fundamental cornerstone Vietnamese, will be more inspired to discover more about the beauty and subtlety of Vietnamese that contained in the language of a people which has 4,000 years of history. The program aims: to help students master the subtleties of Vietnamese and confident to communicate in professional subjects.


          We will focus on completing the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing for individual student with schedules that are arranged to fit students’ schedule. Depending on student’s demand and ability, we will prepare lessons appropriate for each student


           A company can organize to learn Vietnamese from one student to more than who have the same time and work that can join together to ensure the progress and effectiveness of the course for each student

  • The fee:  depend on the place you choose to study, depend on the teacher who teach you; discount with class many members and have price reduction every month.

Notes for individual student in class:

  • Timeline: Depending on the arrangement of students and teachers
  • Location: At the student’s company / home or at the SECC center
  • Curriculum: Depending on the level of students that teachers will introduce and teach according to the curriculum accordingly.

Learn the core platform in Vietnamese and “learn less and say more”. In addition, we and you will work together:

  • Discover impressive  and famous landmarks in Vietnam, and especically Ho Chi Minh city
  • Discover unique features in the life and culture of Vietnam.
  • Participating in community social activities which we directly organize.

We also have basic Vietnamese class “30 Hours to Master Vietnamese Foundation

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