Volunteer Recruitment 2017

Volunteer Recruitment 2017

A. What is Tottochan project?

This project is co-founded by MA Trinh Dinh Thi Vu. The beginning of the project takes inspiration from autobiographical books of Tet-su-she- Ambassador of UNICEF-with Tottochan by the window. The memoir tells about the beginning and maintenance of a primary school Tomoe, in a special educational approach – respect for different personalities of students, listening and taking care of students’ self-confidence and respect for your own creativity.

SECC wants to create a change for them as well as closely link with family education for their children to live out their world. Children will learn the skills of life and it will impress their childhood. This lasting project of SECC is organized in the summer for children all over the country yearly in Vietnam, starting in 2016.

The project will have a month (in summer) to teach and help for children from 6-7 years old the life skills needed to create the impression for the life of the children about the meaning of happiness and make everyone happy. Besides that, there will be support for the infrastructure needed for each child to participate in this special Tottochan class.

Each year the “students” will be watched and kept in touch to track the development of the child’s personality until they grow up. Expectedly, after 5 years there will be a “Tottochan day” to look back at the maturity of the children and improved methods.
From 02/07-30/07/2016, SECC has successfully created the project ” Building Tottochan School” – first season for 44 elementary pupils of Long Ha school, point Bu Ka 2, Phu Rieng district, Binh Phuoc province. The project has received more than VND65 millions from sponsors as well as various gifts and good wishes addressed to the children, expecting them to be mature and happy, achieve a helpful life to society.
After more than two months of launching, the project “Building Tottochan School” – first season with message “Create moments, change fate” in order to form the person with happiness and likely to spread happiness has got the enthusiastic supporters of the organizations and the individuals as well.
It is also the source of motivation to cheer up with the people who built Tottochan school so that they can continue their dedication to the project “Building Tottochan School” – season 2-2017 in Ha Dai school, Ninh Son district, Ninh Thuan Province.

To learn more about the project please see the information at:

Video và phóng sự về dự án Xây trường Tottochan 2016:

B. Will you be our fellowship?

Let’s ask yourself…..

Do you want to know what you are forced out in a boring method? Do you want to play just the game that others rigidly imposed? Do you have to own an occupation that is totally prepared without any love and passion? Do you feel yourself as an individual who is unique when you must tie to a certain stereotype???

You do not want, we do not want and children do not want either! The reason is that each individual is a cell of  society who is realized by its own feature, its own capacity. Therefore, if we want them to be successful, put them in their right places.

As headmaster of school Tomoe Sosaku Tomoe Kobayashi in the book “Tottochan the window,” said: ” Each child is born with good quality. Along with the maturity, the qualities were ruined by the surrounding environment and the influence of adults. Therefore, we must as soon as possible to find a” good “quality in children’s development in order to develop the qualities that help kids become people with their own personality”. That’s the overall goal of the project “Building Tottochan School”: to every children are learned about themselves, towards guideline: “create a chance for a lifetime change.” Tottochan will focus on giving them a friendly educational environment, so that they can discover themselves in the most natural way, bringing lessons to help them become more confident, build a separate school life with joy and new initiatives by themselves, creating a launch pad for the children who are always in the position of owning powerful energy, be ready to integrate society as full of life green sprouts!

Changing the way of education, gaining children’s instructions to the comprehensive development of the physics, mentality and skills towards “Truthfulness – Compassion – Artistic” is what we all hope to achieve. This activity really needs help from the community. Just a small action or any contribution to facility and strength will supply to cheer up with the people who has been building Tottochan School so that they can own high responsibility of the “pioneer” to jointly create a generation of geniuses and happy people.

Please join hands with us!!! 

C. How to become our volunteers?

I. Recruitment requirements: There are three types

  • Expert
  • Volunteer Offline
  • Volunteer Online

Note: Each of you can register up to two positions. 

II. General requirements

  • Studying at universities and colleges.
  • Being dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, loving children and participating in social activities.
  • Volunteers must meet the recruitment requirements.
  • Having responsibility for the work assigned.
  • Being outspoken, sociable and owning goodwill in the exchange of personal opinions
  • Participating in the spirit of learning and financial autonomy for operation.
  • All people must have their own laptop to use and work.
  •  Time to join and stick with long-term project (from the start of recruitment to 09/19/2017).
  • Being strictly abided by the operator as well as the tasks that superiors entrusted.
  • The number of participating volunteers is limited and selected through documents and interviews (possibly via Skype interview with overseas students, foreigners and other people from different provinces in Vietnam).

III. Vacancies

1. Expert

a) Skill development expert (in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM)

  • Quantity: 1 
  • Tasks:
    • Working with MA. Trinh Dinh Thi Vu
    • Supporting, building lesson plans and activities. Creating an effective curriculum to develope skills for young children.
    • 01 month to Ninh Thuan on scheduled (provided with expenditure):
  • Requirements:
    • Having at least 3 years experiences in the field of development.
    • Living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.
    • Having the same thinking and being enthusiastic with the project.
    • Being knowledgeable about children psychology.
    • Being enable to brainstorm the ideas of the activities aimed at developing skills and the awareness of young children (specifically the children in remote areas)

b) Teacher at Ha Dai elementary school:  

  • Quantity: 1 
  • Tasks:
    • Student institutions throughout a month as the project progresses.
    • Being responsible of logistics duties, helping with refreshment, transportation for the volunteers.
    • Welcoming the delegation of volunteers from Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Requirements:
    • Teacher in Ha Dai primary school.
    • Living near the area of Ha Dai elementary school
    • Owning a thorough grasp of information about the living situation, traffic in the local area.
    • Helping enthusiastically help the volunteers in refreshments and transportation.

2. Offline volunteers:
Offline volunteers will directly participate in teaching at Ha Dai elementary school. People already going to work or third – year students or older must achieve the right expertise for the following:

a) media volunteer doubles as a teacher of arts:

  • Quantity: 2
  • The tasks:
    • Writing article about media and generalizing media.
    • Designing: banner, Facebook cover, poster; taking photos and retrieving information.
    • Teaching of arts
  • Requirements:
    • About the media task:
      • Having the ability to take pictures of events (having a DSLR or Mirrorless camera is an advantage)
      • Having the experience and the ability to write good articles.
      • Knowing how to use software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator…
      • Completing the assignment on time.
      • Having the sense of responsibility and teamwork.
    • About the teaching of arts:
      • Having the ability to teach children to sing and dance.
      • Being knowledgeable of culture and social.
      • Knowing other possibilities that you feel fits with the task of teaching arts to young students such as photography, filming, drawing, storytelling, magic …

b)  Moreover, we also need some specialized volunteers as following:

  • Volunteer majoring in psychology or preschool-elementary education.
    Quantity: 2
  • Volunteer majoring in economic.
    Quantity: 1
  • Volunteer majoring in environment or agriculture-forestry-fisheries
    Quantity: 1
  • Volunteer majoring in chemistry or physics.
    Quantity: 1
  • Volunteer majoring in physical education (knowing how to teach swimming, running, jumping). Achieving martial arts is also an advantage.
    Quantity: 1
  • Volunteer majoring in English (comprehending Japanese and knowing how to sing is an advantage).
    Quantity: 1
  • Volunteer majoring in architecture and construction.
    Quantity: 1
  • The mission follows the program of 10 offline volunteers:
    • Every volunteer will manage 4 children (contact to them twice a month)
    • Writing reports and monitor the circumstances of each child in 1 year.

3 Online volunteers:

a) Design 

  • Quantity: 2
  • Requirements: design banner, Facebook cover, poster, …

b) Volunteers Media 

  • Quantity: 4
  • Requirements: being good at English, good at writing, knowing about video and photo editing is an advantage.

c) Volunteers mobilizing funding for the project

  • Quantity: 4
  • Requirements: Knowing how to write, marketing support in the task of mobilizing funding for the project.

IV. Benefits of Volunteering

  • Participation certificates for joining in project “Building Tottochan School”
  • Receiving free shirt of project “Building Tottochan School”.
  • Being enhanced skills of teamwork, organizing skill and skills related to the job.
  • Meeting together to interact, learn and work to improve ourselves.
  • Living and working in Ninh Thuan.
  • Having the opportunity to become standing volunteers of SECC.
  • Experts will be supported with expenditure.


  • Online volunteers must deposit a responsible fee with VND500,000. The money will be returned to the participatants when SECC comes back to visit the children: 19/9/2017
  • Offline volunteers must deposit a responsible fee with VND 1,000,000 (which does not include: travel expenses, refreshment and accommodation, … within 1 month in Ninh Thuan. The money is planned up to VND 1,500,000). The remaining funds will be returned to the participatants when SECC comes back to visit the children: 19/9/2017

V. Recruitment process: 

1. Round 1: Get online profile by the end of the day 11/01/2017

  • You please fill out the form HERE

2. Round 2: Direct interview

  • If you overcome round 1, you will be invited to participate in a direct interview at SECC’s office, expected from 09h00 – 12h00 and 14h00 – 17h00 on 14/01/2017.
  • The results of official volunteer in project “Building Tottochan School” will be announced on 16/01/2017 (expected).

Tottochan school, the school germinating the happy souls!

For more information please contact
Tottochan School Building Project Coordinator
Hanh Vuong My Nguyen
Email: contactus.secc@gmail.com
Tel: 0822003693-0903309299

Center for Skilled Education and Community Communication SECC
50/12 No. 79, Tan Quy. District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM 
Website: http://unesco-secc.org/
Facebook: https://fb.com/TinhnguyenvienSECC

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